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It’s our job to gather, decipher, and analyze information that will help your organization develop and implement projects and programs with the greatest possible impact. We use several methods to customize our approach for your project, which can include all or several of the following:

You Know What We Do. This is Who We Are.

Deven Wisner, M.S.
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Phil Stoeklen, M.S.
Partner & Co-Founder
Jody Yarbrough, CPA.
Chief Financial Officer
Libby Smith, M.S.
Senior Advisor
Justin Sullivan
Data Manager
Maddy Verheyden 
Associate Consultant
Cara Cowen
Taylor Elton
Junior Consultant
“Viable Insights brings a wealth of evaluation, facilitation, data collection, and organizational development skills that have helped United Way staff and partners achieve greater clarity and results. The combined knowledge, experience, creativity, and thoughtfulness of the staff of Viable Insights would be an asset to any organization or team in need of expert advice, strategic or organizational development, or evaluation expertise.”
LaVonne Douville
ECOO, United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona

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Our Values

We believe to be a truly successful company, you have to stand for more than the bottom line. To keep us grounded, dedicated, and inspired, we follow a few core values that keep us motivated and moving forward.
Interpersonal Effectiveness
To be an effective leader and change agent, you have to have more than brain power, you also need the ability to understand others — their feelings, their fears, and what drives them. In order to communicate effectively, we need to spend more time listening and asking purposeful questions and less time talking!
We got into applied research and evaluation because we’re endlessly curious, life-long learners who view each client and each project as a new opportunity to learn about a new field, practice, or discipline. You know your industry and organization inside and out. We’re here to absorb your expertise and apply it to our work.
How can we expect you to be excited about applied research and evaluation if we’re not? Each project we take on renews our energy and eagerness for the work we do, and we consider it part of our job to instill that enthusiasm in our clients. If you’re unsure of what you need or how these practices can help your organization, we’ll get you up-to-speed and informed so you can use both as a tool to increase your efficacy.
Transparency is a major part of our process. We are up front when it comes to everything from cost, to scope, to reports, to data—we’ll even tell you if you have something in your teeth. The best results come from us being open. We find it refreshing and think you will too.
We are knowledgeable and skilled in the research and evaluation field. We use the latest tools and technologies to get the most accurate information and detailed reports, and have a deep understanding of data and how it is best used to to build strategies that will propel projects to drive change.
“The Viable Insights team was responsive, helpful, visual, and great communicators and facilitators. They showed they were listening to what we needed and made data meaningful.”
Ken Briggs
Associate Vice President, Community Development, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

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