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Viable Insights offers a number of services to help your organization make the greatest possible impact. We use several methods to customize our approach to meet you where you are at — just let us know how we can assist.

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I need evaluation to understand the effectiveness of my program/initiative, team, or organization.
I have data but need help understanding and using it.
I want my data to tell a story.
My project requires approval from an Institutional Research Board (IRB).
I want to increase engagement within my organization or team.
I want a guided learning experience for myself or my team.
Knowledge is power.
There’s always more to learn. Viable Insights offers customized training opportunities for individuals and groups. You can schedule one-on-one coaching and self-paced courses for individual team members, or open the opportunity to group learning with private workshops and lunch & learns.

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The people make the place.
Through organization development, Viable Insights helps you put into place a unique structure to bring out the best in every employee. Find the right fit for open positions, ensure the satisfaction of your current team, and implement training and development protocols to empower every person at every level.

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Always take the ethical approach.
If your project requires approval from an Institutional Research Board, Viable Insights can help. Our review board, VIRB, prioritizes the ethics and safety of your proposed research at an affordable price point. With a VIRB-approved research plan, you can take a big step forward for your researchers and participants alike.

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Increase your impact.
An organization is only as effective as their services, programs, and investments. By using applied research and evaluation, Viable Insights finds the strengths and weaknesses in your operations to help you make more informed, more impactful decisions.

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See your data in living color.
All data tells a story; finding and evaluating it is just the first chapter. With help from Viable Insights, you can present your findings in a meaningful, action-oriented way. Whether you need simple graphics or interactive dashboards, we can make your results highly visual and easily digestible.

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From raw data to real answers.
With research and data collection behind you, Viable Insights can make sense of it all. You’ll walk away with outlined strategies for your quantitative or qualitative data, as well as predictive analytics to forecast future trends. It’s a clear-cut blueprint to analyze the patterns within your organization and plan for greater impact.

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Process, made perfect.
Not all data collection processes are created equal. When you work with Viable Insights, you’ll gain access to best practices to ensure the quality and integrity of your data collection, analysis and reporting. We also offer custom database design built from the ground up to fit your needs.

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The right tools for your data.
Data collection is only as good as the instruments and protocols that captured them. Viable Insights can develop and implement new methods to collect high-quality, meaningful data for your organization — or simply administer an existing tool that’s proven successful.

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Strengthen the foundation of your research.
Literature reviews are critical components of any research process. They enable you to describe the subject of your project, as well as uncover and understand any existing evidence or tools that are relevant to your own research.
Every good path starts with a plan.
Point your organization in a more informed direction with Viable Insights’ strategic planning. Our process taps multiple stakeholders to accurately capture the intricacies of your program. By engaging your team, we can uncover deep insights at every level and lay the foundation for your future success.

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