Data Analysis

Turning ones and zeros into yeses and nos.

There are patterns in everything. It’s our job to help you find them in your organization so you can determine how to plan for greater impact. Once we get through research and data collections phases, we’ll get to work making sense of our findings to outline strategies for you to use.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Quantitative Data – Obtain and use descriptive and inferential statistics to understand the inherent qualities of data, define existing relationships between variables, and identify meaningful differences. 
  • Qualitative Data  Use a rigorous thematic analysis technique to uncover and understand rich data, revealing underlying themes in dense, non-numerical information. This allows us to determine the importance of these themes which enables you to better understand the lived experiences of those who provide the initial insights.
  • Predictive Analytics – Assess the ways in which current data might inform what future data will look like. This complex inferential process uses techniques often referred to as forecasting. 

Let’s get analytical.

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When patterns are found, data makes more sense. Learn how we’ve helped kick start the process for clients.

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