Data Collection Tools

The right methods get the right information

We excel in determining which method of data collection will provide you with the best results—from surveys to focus groups to document analysis—and work with you to design and implement studies to obtain the information you need. There are dozens of ways to collect data, but sometimes the best way to gather information is through a conversation.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Develop rigorous data collection instruments and protocols. Whether we’re creating surveys, focus group protocols, or interview question routes, we design tools that encourage open, honest answers. 
  • Design and implement data collection procedures that capture the population of interest and ensure high quality data for analysis. Whether we’re implementing a tool we’ve developed for you, or simply administering an existing tool, we work to capture the information you need.  
  • Identify and leverage existing data sources either as a primary data collection activity or complementary components, thus creating a more comprehensive understanding of the program or initiative being studied.

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