Strategic Planning

Data-driven plans to move you in the right direction

Trying to make decisions for your organization without a plan is like trying to get through a maze blindfolded. We build strategies from focused insights so your next steps are streamlined, intentional, and purposeful. Our process is highly inclusive, involving multiple stakeholders within your organization. When everyone has a voice and is unified in decisions we can increase the likelihood of success.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Facilitate engagement sessions to discover important information we’ll use to create strategic plans. 
  • Build, implement, and monitor the framework to put your plans into action. 
  • Design logic models and theories of change to give you everything you need to accurately capture the vision of your program and its intricacies. After we outline and properly map everything out, these tools will provide the foundational steps to measuring its success. 
  • Guide and advise your team through the political environment in which many of these strategies must undergo before they’re put into action.

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