Applied Research & Evaluation

One of the primary pillars of the work Viable Insights engages in is connected to our origins in applied research and evaluation.  We’ve helped our clients understand the efficacy of programs they’ve developed, and have worked with organizations to understand phenomenon using not only interventional research methods (vis a vis active data collection) but also … more »
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Research on Evaluation: It Takes a Village (The Solution)

Our first post lamented the poor response rates in research on evaluation. There are many reasons for these poor response rates, but there are also many things that we can do to improve response rates and subsequently improve the state of research on evaluation. How can evaluators improve response rates? Coryn et. al (2016) suggests … more »
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Research on Evaluation: It Takes a Village (The Problem)

  Response rates from evaluators are poor. Despite research suggesting that AEA members consider research on evaluation as important, response rates for research on evaluation studies are often only between 10-30%.1 As evaluators ourselves, we understand how busy we can be. However, we believe that evaluators should spend more time contributing to these studies. These … more »
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