Applied Research & Evaluation

One of the primary pillars of the work Viable Insights engages in is connected to our origins in applied research and evaluation.  We’ve helped our clients understand the efficacy of programs they’ve developed, and have worked with organizations to understand phenomenon using not only interventional research methods (vis a vis active data collection) but also have leveraged existing archival and literature research methods to strengthen and enrich knowledge around these cultural and societal phenomenon.

In the former, we’ve helped educational institutions develop and implement IT programming across the state of Wisconsin, all the while collecting and monitoring the rollout and impact of those programs on the regions they were designed to serve and educate. This five-year, $23 million initiative helped meet a critical need of regional employers and also created a pipeline for new and dislocated (i.e., unemployed, laid-off) workers seeking out training and higher paying jobs.

In terms of work we have done related to community-based research, we have completed numerous projects based on phenomenological research as well as needs-assessments. We have helped both service agencies and health providers identify the needs of communities they serve. Whether it be a comprehensive needs assessment conducted across a community action programs multi-county service area, or research exploring health needs in the age of COVID-19, we’ve been able to help our clients increase the impact of their work and in doing so help change the world for the better!

Are you interested in learning about the impact you are having using data? Or, want research to inform you future initiatives? Let’s chat.

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