Hi everyone, Phil here from Viable Insights. The June learning session and blog topic came about after our team had a great meeting with the Pima Early Education Program (PEEP) Evaluation Committee, an informal advisory group for Pima County’s early education program. The meeting was kicked off with an orientation component, where they reminded everyone … more »
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Style Guide – No longer just for your marketing team!

Why do you need a style guide? Hello! My name is Kenzie, I have been working as an intern with Viable Insights to help expand the creative side of data. With experience of studying Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin Stout, I have some helpful tips and tricks for branding your company! When you … more »
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Data Collection Tools

Hello! Holly Starr here. I’m an Associate Consultant for Viable Insights. My background is in social work, and my lifelong quest is to improve social services with data! We’re going to explore the basics of what exists out there in the world of data collection — specifically, the tools that are commonly used for gathering … more »
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