Data Collection Tools

Data collection [tools] is a necessary component of almost all the work we do. Sometimes this is as simple as the passive collection of feedback from project stakeholders, or as complex as comprehensive surveys or focus groups to understand program outcomes and impacts.

Regardless of the context of our work together, you can count on these data collection tools to be developed collaboratively and customized to the specific needs and considerations associated with either your organization or the population you are interested in learning about. Most tools that we develop are designed to understand perceptions, pre/post changes in knowledge, or directly solicit feedback and ideas.

We understand the value of both quantitative and qualitative data, and create effective tools to solicit both. In addition to general-use data collection tools, we also specialize in validation studies. These studies result in instruments finely attuned to the constructs you are interested in measuring and can serve as valuable tools for not only your organization but also others who are interested in the same constructs.

If you find yourself in a scenario where data collection is necessary, we can help you develop the instruments you need to measure your organization’s impact and document the lived experience of stakeholders in your work. Let’s chat.

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