Data Analysis

Every member of our core team has advanced statistical and analytical training and have applied these skills across a number of different research contexts. Although quantitative data analysis through both descriptive and inferential statistics is the more common and well-known application of these skills, our team also has significant experience handling very large sets of qualitative data, too.

We’ve worked on multi-year, multi-site program evaluations involving complex analyses and propensity score matching and have also made sense of thousands of lines of qualitative datasets using thematic analysis and Agile methods — helping organizations set initiatives and engage in strategic planning activities. Whether you need us to collect and then analyze data, analyze existing data, or conduct a meta-analysis of data that has already been passed through the lens of analysis, we can help.

We bring to the table a team made up entirely of individuals that understand the nature of data analytics, with one such member being a full-fledged statistician. Our team has helped build the capacity of organizations to understand their data, and have done so in environments that include non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, health organizations, juvenile justice groups, and private foundations. Need help finding meaning in your data? Let’s chat.

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