Nicole Huggett, MSW.


Nicole is our resident healthcare guru. She uses data analysis and visualization to help organizations make data-driven decisions, helping build stronger, more reliable services and programs. She’s a natural at making clients feel comfortable and taken care of, and her approach to her work focuses on collaboration, interpretation, and empowerment. Nicole not only wants to show organizations how to refine and improve their impact, but equip them with the information necessary to continue to grow. Through uncovering key performance indicators, developing effective protocols for data collection and database maintenance, and analyzing and interpreting data, she provides clients with the tools they need to be successful now and in the future.

Nicole is also dedicated to educating others and takes time to teach clients necessary analytical skills, such as how to effectively use Excel and PowerPoint to display and review data, as well as read electronic health records and use Tableau. Nicole continues to keep herself sharp and in-the-know by working as Senior Director of Population Health for CODAC Health Recovery & Wellness, Inc., and is an active member of the Association for Healthcare Quality of Arizona.

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