Improving the RFP Experience

A key entry point of the client-consultant relationship is the RFP — or request for proposal. For those providing a range of consulting services, the RFP has likely served as a key activity for identifying and developing new business opportunities. For the would-be clients, an RFP is your way of publicly communicating a need you … more »
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Data Collection Tools

Data collection [tools] is a necessary component of almost all the work we do. Sometimes this is as simple as the passive collection of feedback from project stakeholders, or as complex as comprehensive surveys or focus groups to understand program outcomes and impacts. Regardless of the context of our work together, you can count on … more »
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Data Analysis

Every member of our core team has advanced statistical and analytical training and have applied these skills across a number of different research contexts. Although quantitative data analysis through both descriptive and inferential statistics is the more common and well-known application of these skills, our team also has significant experience handling very large sets of … more »
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