Work With Us: Program Evaluation Intern (Paid)

Location: Virtual/Anywhere

The Ideal Individual:

We’re looking for someone who has an appreciation for helping organizations use data as part of their decision-making process. Specifically, you’re interested in collaborating with partners to increase their capacity to use data as a tool to identity opportunities within their processes, track progress towards their intended outcomes, and guide program design and implementation. You’ll also seek to improve organizational processes across a variety of areas, such as staffing, team development, process improvement, and program design. You’re also pursuing (or recently completed) an undergraduate or graduate credential in evaluation, applied research, measurement, organizational development or leadership, or another social sciences field.


Our non-negotiables are for our benefit and yours — we want to make sure you have the tools needed to be successful in this role. 

  • Strong interpersonal (i.e. communication) skills
  • Flexible
  • Autonomous
  • Technologically inclined

What You’ll Do:

You’ll gain exposure to our program evaluation planning business area. Some of the areas you’ll be responsible for will include:

  • Conduct literature reviews to inform proposals and support initial project phases
  • Assist in facilitating virtual evaluation planning and information-gathering sessions
  • Review related policies, processes, and procedures
  • Identify research supporting relevant program indicators to measure progress towards intended outcomes
  • Synthesize information into visuals, including logic models, theories of change, and process maps
  • Leverage literature reviews and experiences to support the development of blog posts

What We’re Offering

No matter who we’re working with, intern, employee, or contractor, we invest in people. Whether it’s through ongoing training or giving you the ownership of a new project to make your own…we’re going to offer the support you need in exchange for your dedication. 
You’ll receive co-authorship on blogs, training on how to use industry-recognized tools and processes, and exposure to a variety of clients and projects. We’ll also provide you with a development plan and monthly stipend to support you in your continued growth!

Our stipend is $18.83-$20.83 per hour at a maximum of 120 hours across the internship. The hourly rate is dependent on level of education (undergraduate v. graduate professional). The duration of the internship and number of hours worked per week are negotiable based on your scheduling and our business needs.

Interested in learning more? Shoot us an email or drop us a note via our Contact form.

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