What’s Good?

Thank you everyone for a great 2021! As we bring in the new year, our team wanted to reflect on some of our personal and professional growth year…


I’d say it’s hard to choose but really, it’s so easy — Marissa and I found out we’re welcoming a little human into the world in April 2022. The joy, anticipation, anxiety, and contentment is immeasurable. 

I’m immensely proud of our team. I’m also struck by the growth we’ve experienced, in team members and clients, sure, but it has felt even better as we continue to learn what our why is for this work. It comes down to relationships for us — something I hope we continue to emulate through how we talk about work and engage with partners

It’s not easy to be part of a small consultancy — especially one in evaluation and organizational development where we find ourselves in the midst of critical conversations. We’re reminded constantly that our work isn’t neutral. 

In this upcoming year, I’m excited to meet our little one, Reagan Lee. I’m excited for new partnerships with other consultants, facilitators, and change makers. And, I can’t wait to see and be part of organizations putting in the effort to make work a little more human and their communities a better place to exist. 

Finally, I’m excited to have the privilege to keep doing this and see where it takes us next. See you on the other side ✌️


This year has been exceptionally good to me! Not only did I start off the beginning of the year by graduating from UW-Stout with my master’s degree, but then I also got to join the Viable Insights team shortly after! I have grown greatly with this team, and I look forward to what the new year and our new services (such as VIRB) will bring. Beyond that, I also became a homeowner this year, which taught me how to be my own handywoman — including electric, plumbing, construction, and painting! I am excited for the new year when it is less about the remodel and more about just living in my new home.


This year has been a year of growth and learning for me. I was honored to pick up this awesome side gig with Viable Insights and learned so much about the amazing work they do, but also about myself. Pieces of this role have challenged me in ways I haven’t experienced much in my adult years. It has forced me to tap into my creative side, a side of myself that I firmly believed did not exist. Supporting this team has been a true highlight of my year, but all good things must come to an end. As a result of being spread a little too thin, and recognizing that (thanks to my friends and family) I will be transitioning out of the Coordinator position, but don’t worry the team will be in great hands AND I fully intend to continue working with these amazing people and this great company to help build on my own community’s strengths!

The growth continued on the personal side of life as we sent our “baby” off to 4K this year and our oldest started 1st grade. How is that possible? We have settled into our dream home and are looking forward to the new traditions we are building. While I miss those baby years, I am making a conscious effort to be present and enjoy this new phase we are in filled with curiosity, independence, and the rare snuggle I am determined to steal as long as they will let me. 

I hope 2022 brings you all new adventures, new relationships, and another year where you struggle like I have, to narrow down “the good” as you reflect on it.


This year has been a huge step of growth as I’ve finally got my foot in the door through my graphic design internship here on the Viable team! As I come to an end at UW-Stout this coming spring I am anxious and excited to see all the new opportunities coming for me. I am thankful that I have been able to be a part of growing the design aspects of Viable as it has also made me more confident for my future!


For me, this year has been full of new things, including just recently becoming a member of the Viable team! I am going to put my creativity to some use as I try my best to fill Becca’s shoes as coordinator! I am super excited to build some new relationships and start this new opportunity. 

Since I am brand new to the team, I’ll share a little bit about myself. I am currently attending Northwood Tech for Human Services, and I plan on eventually transferring to UW-Stout to get a degree in Human Development in Family Studies. When I’m not busy with classes, I enjoy spending time outdoors and being around family and friends!

I am excited to see what the New Year brings!


​​In terms of 2021 wins, I would have to say that growing our team and adding VIRB are among my favorite “moments” for Viable. I am also extremely excited about all of the connections/partnerships that have been made over the past year – I look forward to seeing those relationships strengthen even more over time. 

My goals for the next year are to focus on growing VIRB, and carve out some time to engage in professional development. Specifically, I’ve set my sights on Power BI and ArcGIS, as I feel those skills will be of value to the partners we work with. 

Thank you for a great 2021, everyone!

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