Work with Us: Coordinator

Position: Coordinator

Location: Virtual/Anywhere

The Ideal Individual:

We’re looking for someone who enjoys variety in their day, is detail oriented and timely, and would pride themselves in supporting the day-to-day operations of meaningful, client-led work.


Our non-negotiables are for our benefit and yours — we want to make sure you have the tools needed to be successful in this role. 

  • Strong interpersonal (i.e. communication) skills
  • Flexible
  • Autonomous
  • Technologically inclined

What You’ll Do:

You’ll gain exposure to almost every aspect of our business — from backend operations to light interfacing with clients. Some of the areas you’ll be responsible for will include:


  • Basic bookkeeping (e.g., invoicing, reconciling, recording expenses)  
  • Requesting, sharing, and organizing documents
  • Track and reconcile employee and contractor time
  • Maintain project management platform
  • Manage team calendars and schedule meetings with clients and partners
  • Upload content to our online learning platform, Teachable


  • Manage social media in collaboration with our Marketing Team
  • Setup events/webinars on our website and Eventbrite
  • Format and schedule monthly newsletter and other email campaigns
  • Implement minor changes to our website

What We’re Offering

In addition to a competitive hourly rate (based on experience and position structure) and a work-from-home position, we’re offering a flexible position with room to grow. Also, no matter who we’re working with, employee or contractor, we invest in people. Whether it’s through ongoing training or giving you the ownership of a new project to make your own…we’re going to offer the support you need in exchange for your dedication. 

This position begins at $20.00 per hour and will be adjusted based on individual arrangements — specifically, education level, experience, and expansion of responsibilities.

Interested in learning more? Shoot us an email or drop us a note via our Contact form.

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