Training, Workshops & Courses

We embrace and encourage our clients to build their capacity to use data across each area we provide services in: (1) applied research and evaluation, (2) organizational development, (3) strategic planning, (4) data management, (5) data collection tools, (6) data analysis, and (7) data visualization. In fact, regardless of how you engage with our team, we’re confident that there will be a mutual learning experience — that’s just how we work!

But this aside, many of our clients are looking for opportunities to build their skills in a more traditional way. We recognize that different modes of training make sense for different folks — often depending on their roles, organization, and of course, long-term objectives. That’s why we offer public and private training, workshops, and online courses.

Each of these learning opportunities are based on a foundation of best practices. Furthermore, with a team full of dedicated educators, your experience is sure to be relevant and impactful to your growth and development. So, whether you need a rapid and high-level workshop or course, or an in-depth and immersive training — we’ve got you covered. Not sure which is the right option for you or your team? Let’s chat.

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