It’s time to get serious about Twitter!

Today I am going to discuss getting started with Twitter. Why Twitter? Well, it is most applicable to the arenas I’m in (e.g., I-O psychology, evaluation, data visualization), but that doesn’t mean it is right for you. Depending on what sandboxes you’re playing in, you might need to consider multiple platforms (almost a guarantee) and Twitter might not be one of them. But, for now, let’s get Twitter savvy!

  1. Create a Twitter account. This seems simple enough, right? Yes, but I realize that this might still be on your to-do list. Make it happen! You will improve as you go along – not by planning forever and never actually doing it.
  2. Add a picture – seriously. Avoid using a logo or the default silhouette (it’s lame and doesn’t allow people to get to know YOU).Deven Wisner Twitter Bio
  3. Bio! I used to have what I would consider a lame bio, and I’m so glad I changed it. The day after I updated mine to something more unique, I was mentioned in an interview done by Dr. Stephanie Evergreen. They included a screen shot of my Twitter photo and bio. You better believe I was rejoicing that I changed my drab bio into something a little more hip. So, what do you put there?! This is a spot to market yourself in a few words, hashtags, and emojis. I’ve included mine as an example.
  4. Follow some awesome people. This is industry specific, of course, but my suggestion is checking out a few prominent players in your field. Check out who they’re following for other big names, and look at who is following them for up-and-coming connections. Click here for my profile.
  5. Set a schedule…I can’t stress this enough. I check twitter at least three times a day…once with my coffee, during lunch, and again after my evening workout. My posts are also on a schedule. Of course, I post sporadically as something interests me, but I always have a couple posts set to go out – no matter what! Note: People get discouraged because they don’t have many followers. Stop that. This takes time and effort.  The people you’re trying connect with as a professional aren’t your friends (at least not yet), so don’t expect an obligatory follow like you’d get from family on Facebook (kidding, of course). You’ll get there…it just takes time and effort!
  6. A schedule is great, but you need to set make goals. For example, you might make a goal of Tweeting three times and following two new people per day. After a couple weeks, you can reassess whether you can do more (MORE is better with Twitter but consistency is MOST important.

    Deven Wisner Twitter Goals

    This is an example from when I first started on Twitter.

If you want a personalized plan, or to discuss a different social media platform, contact me. I would be happy to develop a social media strategy based on your goals.

P.S. If you’re into I-O, Evaluation, and/or data visualization, you will find some awesome people under Nifty Resources.

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