Want to learn Tableau? Start doing #MakeoverMonday.

About two years ago I was introduced to Tableau. I fell in love. The intuitive visualizations, live data connections, and easy-to-use interface. OKAY, maybe the last part is a bit of a stretch. Easy and Tableau in the same sentence? Sure, maybe if you’re using their Superstore dataset. Otherwise, look forward to some fun, yet challenging hours with Tableau. My plan is to tell you about #MakeoverMonday, and give you the opportunity to learn from my experiences (and hopefully inspire you to share your own).

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 8.23.31 PMAll that shouldn’t be a deterrent from using Tableau. There are more resources than most people would have time to exploit. I’ve tried several and found worthwhile tidbits in each. The most useful so far? Well, I have to be honest: #MakeoverMonday. Why you ask? Because #MakeoverMonday challenges you to create visualizations from data that wasn’t canned specifically for Tableau. You will find yourself searching for guides and input from other users. Instead of compiling endless notes on Tableau (that you may never use), you’re learning as you go…oh yes, my friend — applied learning!#MakeoverMonday HomepageSo what is #MakeoverMonday? The creators, Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel, call it a “weekly social data project.” Every Monday, a visualization and dataset will be available on their website. You can download the data for Excel or Tableau, so you can choose your favorite…or use both! After downloading, you have the chance to turn a preexisting dataviz into your own. Use your current skills, and stretch them with new tips and tricks. It can be as easy or difficult as you choose. Regardless, you’ll walk away with some swollen Tableau (or Excel) muscles. #MakeoverMonday Data SetsNow what? Learning is great. Sharing back what you learned, asking your colleagues questions, and engaging in reflective practice…now that’s the good stuff. Going forward, at least one of my monthly blogs will be dedicated sharing my dataviz makeovers. Even better, I will share the cool things I learn. Now go…build your dataviz muscles!


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