Holly M. Starr

Associate Consultant

Holly is data-oriented, research-minded, and dedicated to using her skill sets to improve communities and the social service programs within them. She believes in using a variety of research methodologies and data visualization techniques to build strategies that bring meaning to data for the greater good. Holly’s bright disposition keeps her (and us) motivated and excited to help clients build stronger, better communities. Holly’s passion for community service has led her to work on projects with the child welfare system in Tucson, an internship with homeless outreach programs in Flagstaff, and grant work for St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix. Her work has spanned from city to city in Arizona, and most recently her expertise and drive has been invested in her role as Project Coordinator for Hourglass Education Technology Solutions, a local company partnered with a policy-research hub, bringing meaning to education data for districts across the country.

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